Fashion Friday by Tania Orozco

Hello World!

Today is Friday, yaaaaay!

So let me introduce another "post section" called "Fashion Friday". In this section I will draw some people, fashion collection pieces, accessories, etcetera, that I found cool and interesting. I will re-create this piece but giving it a little twist so my imagination can flow and I will not get trapped in copying the same image :-)

In this very first entry I chose to illustrate one dress from the beautiful collection "Alberta Ferreti MFW SS2014" that is inspired by South America folklore and... maybe "trompos" (Mexican toy)  :-P

So here is the final illustration. I drew the model in another position, but to be honest it's hard to imagine how the dress flows.

Enjoy and have a good friday!


Inspiration. Alberta Ferreti 

Inspiration. Alberta Ferreti 

#Sketchbook by Tania Orozco

Hello world!

I'm Tania and I want to talk a little about blogging...

I used to have a blog but I shut it down in order to have a website that can fit all social media, portfolio, store, etcetera, in one place. Plus it was a little messy and hard to navigate :-P

So I guess is OK to say that I'm new at blogging.

After watching a very informative class last week, I decided to start blogging again, I'm going to do things a little differently this time around to keep it more diverse and entertaining. I'm going to have different “post sections" so you can know more a little bit about what I like about life and how I get inspired, so come back often because there will be some pretty cool stuff in here :-)

This is my first section and it's called #sketchbook. In this section I'm going to upload drawings from my sketchbook. These drawings usually take me about 20 to 45 minutes to make. 

So here is my first #sketchbook drawing, enjoy it! :-D

I'm Exciteeeeeed! :-DDDD


Hello again by Tania Orozco

After having a few rough months I'm back!

If you were wondering why I disappeared from the internet all the sudden, this is why:

Besides having some personal problems, last year was a little bit weird for me, I had some very confusing times were I felt that I was going in the wrong direction, It was really hard for me to get things done and I wasn't feeling happy about it. That's why I took a break to think about what I really want to do with my life, how to achieve the lifestyle that I have inside of my mind and be happy every day doing what I love the most... painting. 

I finally decided that what I'd really love to do is to spend the rest of my days doing illustration and surface- pattern design.

I've been working on my portfolio, practising like crazy and working on some exciting projects.

I will be launching my new website by the end of July. STAY TUNED!