Fashion Friday by Tania Orozco


Earlier this week I saw a mini doc about the Making of / Christian Dior Haute Couture SS 2015 where they show the whole process of making the pieces for the runway. I was amazed by the meticulous detail in each piece, the amazing colour palette in the long skirts and the clever way to do the hair. I immediately felt inspired so I decided to mix a couple of dresses and some accessories from this collection in order to create my own painting, to honor this Iconic Fashion house.

OK people I’m super pumped about how this painting turned out!…  Last night I got immersed in making the ribbons for the blouse and getting together crystals for the skirt. I glued over 60 Swarovski pieces… after all, it’s couture right? :-P

I’m super excited with the final result, I cannot stop staring at my painting… It’s definitely one of my favourites so far.

Below is the link for the mini doc and of course, my painting. I hope you like it and I always appreciate your feedback.




Fashion Friday by Tania Orozco

Hello World!

Today is Friday, yaaaaay!

So let me introduce another "post section" called "Fashion Friday". In this section I will draw some people, fashion collection pieces, accessories, etcetera, that I found cool and interesting. I will re-create this piece but giving it a little twist so my imagination can flow and I will not get trapped in copying the same image :-)

In this very first entry I chose to illustrate one dress from the beautiful collection "Alberta Ferreti MFW SS2014" that is inspired by South America folklore and... maybe "trompos" (Mexican toy)  :-P

So here is the final illustration. I drew the model in another position, but to be honest it's hard to imagine how the dress flows.

Enjoy and have a good friday!


Inspiration. Alberta Ferreti 

Inspiration. Alberta Ferreti