Mar rojo by Tania Orozco

Ya no corres por las praderas verdes de tu orgulloso corazón

ahora navegas en el mar rojo perdido en el eco de tu ego

tu eres el naufrago de tus sueños perdidos


Yo soy la que aún en noches de invierno vela tus pesadillas

cuando hay lluvia que empapa tus dolores

soy la que duerme prendada de tus pestañas doradas

cuando la Luna cobija tus lagrimas 


Soy el Sol de tus amaneceres

que gobierna tus ojos grises


Tu eres mar rojo

narcisista y torrente vigoroso 

Fashion Friday by Tania Orozco

Hello World!

Today is Friday, yaaaaay!

So let me introduce another "post section" called "Fashion Friday". In this section I will draw some people, fashion collection pieces, accessories, etcetera, that I found cool and interesting. I will re-create this piece but giving it a little twist so my imagination can flow and I will not get trapped in copying the same image :-)

In this very first entry I chose to illustrate one dress from the beautiful collection "Alberta Ferreti MFW SS2014" that is inspired by South America folklore and... maybe "trompos" (Mexican toy)  :-P

So here is the final illustration. I drew the model in another position, but to be honest it's hard to imagine how the dress flows.

Enjoy and have a good friday!


Inspiration. Alberta Ferreti 

Inspiration. Alberta Ferreti 

#Sketchbook by Tania Orozco

Hello world!

I'm Tania and I want to talk a little about blogging...

I used to have a blog but I shut it down in order to have a website that can fit all social media, portfolio, store, etcetera, in one place. Plus it was a little messy and hard to navigate :-P

So I guess is OK to say that I'm new at blogging.

After watching a very informative class last week, I decided to start blogging again, I'm going to do things a little differently this time around to keep it more diverse and entertaining. I'm going to have different “post sections" so you can know more a little bit about what I like about life and how I get inspired, so come back often because there will be some pretty cool stuff in here :-)

This is my first section and it's called #sketchbook. In this section I'm going to upload drawings from my sketchbook. These drawings usually take me about 20 to 45 minutes to make. 

So here is my first #sketchbook drawing, enjoy it! :-D

I'm Exciteeeeeed! :-DDDD