New year / by Tania Orozco

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since the last time I wrote a post. I've been busy working on a couple of projects that will see the light of the sun this year and hopefully I will be visiting México before the summer so I'm planning some exciting things to do while I'm over there. I will let you know more details soon so stay tuned.

In the meantime I've been seriously thinking on getting myself an early birthday present and I'm planning to get an analog Camera, I want to experiment with medium format. I don't know much about photography but when I was living in México I took a couple of workshops and a course at my old university.

 I was lucky enough to experiment and learn how to develop film in an actual dark room! that was an exciting thing to do and my teacher was one of the funniest and coolest guys ever at that time, It was like a Mexican Seth Rogen, same kind of personality and they even look similar. Anyways, I received a TLR plastic camera as a present and I've been playing around with it, to my surprise IT'S SUPER FUN!... I always get too excited when I scan the negatives and get to see the actual results, It's always so unexpected. I love that.

If you would like to experiment with photographic film or give someone a cool present I recommend you to get the same camera as mine, to be honest it's a little tricky to assemble but it's definitely worth the time, you can get it here :-)

I will leave you with some photos that I took last year in Victoria, B.C. my favourite was the one with the big guy wearing a red hat (first photo).. I took it at some random gas station in the middle of nowhere, that one is kind of scary and weird at the same time and that's what I love about it.

See you soon y'all!